Anne Hutchinson Slide Presentation

Anne Hutchinson and Historic Boston Map

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Anne Hutchinson Slide Presentation

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This presentation focuses on Puritan history in the East of England, their architecture and daily life, their beliefs, and their concept of governance as reflected in the 1629 “Charter of Massachusetts Bay”. It will look specifically at John Winthrop’s manor and church in Groton, Suffolk County, the church and environs of Alford, Anne Hutchinson’s home, and on Boston, Lincolnshire where John Cotton preached and taught. 

This slideshow will explore Winthrop at Groton, Hutchinson at Alford, and the museum commemorating rural English life.  We will continue the presentation by exploring the religious and civil conflict that nearly tore Massachusetts Bay Colony apart in 1636-1637 following Anne Hutchinson’s emigration to Boston in America in 1634.

The presentation will end by exploring the lasting legacy of Anne Hutchinson, the shadows of her trial, and the punishment of her supporters in the U.S. Constitution.

Thursday, August 10th, 2017 6:00 pm

This event is open to Boston By Foot members and guests.
Admission is free for members and $5 for their guests.

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