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African American Workers at the Charlestown Navy Yard


Virtual Lecture

During the Great Migration, thousands of African Americans traveled north with the hope of finding new economic opportunities and leaving behind Jim Crow. A small number made their way to Boston, gaining employment at the Charlestown Navy Yard. Although southern Black migrants found job opportunities at the Navy Yard, some still faced discrimination in their new positions and chose to fight back. In this talk, Student Conservation Association/AmeriCorps Digital Public History Intern Megan Woods will explore the connections between the Great Migration and the Charlestown Navy Yard and uncover the discrimination Black workers faced at the Navy Yard. Throughout this talk, she will also address research challenges in finding and elevating the voices of African Americans in Boston.

Megan Woods is a Student Conservation Association/AmeriCorps Digital Public History Intern at the National Parks of Boston. As a public history intern, Megan has researched the Great Migration and its connection to African American workers at the Charlestown Navy Yard. She is currently working on a series of digital projects for the Park, including a digital hub on the underground railroad in Boston. In May 2019, Megan obtained a Master of Arts in History with a Concentration in Public History and a Digital Humanities Certificate from Northeastern University.

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