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On-Site, Online, On Foot!

It was 72 years from the first meeting in Seneca Falls, New York to the time when women across America exercised the right to vote granted to them by the 19th Amendment. Across the nation, suffragists organized meetings, delivered speeches, published journals, distributed literature, held fundraising bazaars, rode the rails, marched, picketed, boycotted, set watchfires and went on hunger strikes to call attention to their cause. Generations of women in Massachusetts were involved in the struggle as they worked to open minds and move hearts.

As you follow along from home, our guides will travel around Boston to show you some of the places where people published, picketed, protested, and were even jailed for their conviction that women should have the right to vote. Join us virtually to celebrate the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and learn about the arduous fight to make it a reality.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a re-broadcast of a virtual tour first presented on September 12, 2020. A unique feature of this presentation is that attendees may interact with our guides by participating in a live question and answer period immediately after the program airs.

This tour is not currently available.

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