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Gilded Age photo

Boston's Gilded Age

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During the Gilded Age of the late nineteenth century, Boston's Back Bay was alive with social clubs and thriving cultural institutions. On this tour we will explore the favorite haunts of Boston's upper-class, often known as "Boston Brahmins." Though "Brahmins" had a reputation for being exclusive and elitist, many of these men and women were active in making our city—and the whole nation—a better place to live. They fought to abolish slavery and to recognize women’s rights, and they built libraries, colleges, museums and orchestras. Though this elite generation of wealthy activists was often philanthropic, on this tour we’ll also discuss their limitations and shortcomings. find out more
Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins, Josephine St. Pierre Rupin, Martin Robinson Delaney, William Cooper Neil, Frederick Douglas

Black Voices: 19th-Century Black Writers on Beacon Hill

Discover stories of Boston’s Black writers who were focused on the great topic of the era - slavery.

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90 minutes
0.79 mile
likely uneven surfaces and signficant inclines
Truth, passion, bravery and hope. Discover stories of Boston’s Black writers who were laser-focused on the great topic of the era - slavery. Learn about the mark Black thinkers and writers made on literary and political history: David Walker and his sentinel work, Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World; novelist, playwright and editor Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins; Dorothy West and her biting satire on racial tensions, and many others. Walk Beacon Hill as you explore where they worked, raised their families, fought injustice, and wrote. find out more
Painting of Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin

Son of Boston

Walking Tours : Monthly & Quarterly
90 minutes
1.1 miles
mostly flat surfaces and little to no inclines
Celebrate the life of Benjamin Franklin on this guided walk along his homes and haunts in Colonial Boston. Born in Boston, he came of age in Philadelphia, and was the darling of Paris. His legacy is without measure. He was one of America's leading scientists, inventors, diplomats, humorists, and statesmen. Uncover stories of Benjamin Franklin’s many inventions, his civic and educational impact, and his roles in the founding of the United States. find out more
print of Phillis Wheatley writing

Phillis Wheatley: Freedom and Slavery in Revolutionary Boston

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In 1776, George Washington wrote from his barracks in Cambridge to a woman of “great poetical talents… favored by the muses,” a twenty-three year old, previously-enslaved poet Phillis Wheatley. But while Wheatley was lauded as a muse of freedom and a voice of uplift in the new republic, we don’t even know her given name: the Phillis was the ship on which she made the middle passage from West Africa to the Americas in chains, Wheatley was the name of the Boston family who purchased her. In the two dozen years from when she first arrived in Colonial Boston until her death in 1784 Wheatley lived a remarkable life, cycling through states of freedom and unfreedom. She published dozens of poems, toured London, was emancipated, was almost forced into an unwanted marriage, and eventually died in poverty. This tour will use Wheatley’s incredible life as a window in to the world of slavery and unfreedom in Revolutionary Era Boston. What did it mean to be a slave in a city dedicated to the overthrow of tyrants? In a world of slaves and apprentices, masters and kings, what did freedom mean? find out more