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dorchester burial ground entrance

Upham’s Corner

Walking Tours : Monthly & Quarterly
60 minutes
0.44 mile
mostly flat surfaces and little to no inclines
Upham’s Corner is one of the oldest crossroads in Boston. Come with us to explore this interesting section of Dorchester. We will walk up a piece of the Emerald Necklace that did not get built (Columbia Road) and find out why not. We will see a series of commercial buildings and discuss why Amos Upham came to this intersection to open his store in 1804. This tour is presented in partnership with Upham's Corner Main Street , an organization whose mission is to improve quality of life in the Upham’s Corner business district by helping neighborhood businesses thrive. find out more
Gravestone reading Memento Mori

Grave Undertakings

Boston's Burying Grounds

Private Tours : Additional Tours by Request
Explore three of downtown Boston's burying grounds and learn about the customs surrounding death and dying in Puritan New England. Dig deeper into the religious views, practices, symbolism, and traditions of death in Boston. Beginning at King's Chapel Burying Ground, this tour will lift the veil of mystery surrounding gravestone art and how styles of gravestones changed over the years, how the poor were buried when there wasn’t room for a potter’s field, how the evolution of small, haphazardly laid out graveyards to modern-day suburban cemeteries was spearheaded in the Boston area. Who knew death could be so much fun? find out more