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Anne Hutchinson and Historic Boston Map

August Member Event

This presentation focuses on Puritan history in the East of England, their architecture and daily life, their beliefs, and their concept of governance as reflected in the 1629 “Charter of Massachusetts Bay”. It will look specifically at John Winthrop’s manor and... Read More

Anne Hutchinson and Historic Boston Map

September Member Event

The theme of England in America will be explored as we trace the steps of Anne Hutchinson, a notorious early settler of Boston in the 1600s. The base map for the tour will be the Boston 1635 map printed in the Book of Possessions (1881 and 1905). Walking with it... Read More

October Member Event

This tour takes our exploration of Boston Art Deco to the Back Bay. The planned development of Back Bay in the second half of the 19th century opened up opportunities for Art Deco in its redevelopment a half-century later. 

This tour through the first four... Read More

July Member Event

As working women were fighting for rights in the workplace, suffragists were demanding the right to vote. Boston’s women’s trade unionism & suffrage movements were lead by proud, defiant women who were divided along class lines. By the end of the 19th century,... Read More

Boston Chinatown (Paifang), Tufts Medical Center, State Theater Boston 1967 (Margaret L. DeWolf)

June Member Event

The historic South Cove Neighborhood includes Tufts Medical Campus, Chinatown, and Lower Washington Street, formerly known as the Combat Zone. As we walk through the Tufts Medical Campus, you will learn how the Boston Dispensary, Floating Hospital for Children, the... Read More