Member Events

October Member Event This tour takes our exploration of Boston Art Deco to the Back Bay. The planned development of Back Bay in the second half of the 19th century opened up opportunities for Art Deco in its redevelopment a half-century later.  This tour through the first four blocks of the Back Bay highlights examples of Art Deco design, from... Read More
July Member Event As working women were fighting for rights in the workplace, suffragists were demanding the right to vote. Boston’s women’s trade unionism & suffrage movements were lead by proud, defiant women who were divided along class lines. By the end of the 19th century, suffragists were becoming sensitive to the growing number of... Read More
May Member Event For Boston's first two hundred years, "a flown sheate, a faire winde, and a boune voyage" were wishes at the heart of the city's life and economy.  Travel under sail was commonplace and central to the culture, across classes.  Join us for eleven memorable stories spanning that era, drawn from first-person accounts by Bostonians... Read More
June Member Event The historic South Cove Neighborhood includes Tufts Medical Campus, Chinatown, and Lower Washington Street, formerly known as the Combat Zone. As we walk through the Tufts Medical Campus, you will learn how the Boston Dispensary, Floating Hospital for Children, the Pratt Diagnostic, and Tufts Medical College merged in 1948 and... Read More