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Boston and the Civil War

Visit places where the men and women of Boston fought to ensure freedom for all.

image of the black soldier civil war memorial in boston commons

Tour Description

Would it surprise you to know that Bostonians enslaved Indigenous and African people? That not everyone in Boston supported the union leading up to the Civil War? Or that six privileged White men were involved in a plot to trigger an insurrection intended to save the union?

With your tour guide, consider the long arc of slavery in the United States, and the war that brought it to an end. Visit places where the men and women of Boston fought to ensure freedom for all. We’ll cover the abolition movement, riots, escapes to freedom, deportations to the South, insurrection, war, and - finally – an uneasy peace.

Tour Information

tour duration

90 minutes

tour distance

1.5 miles

tour terrain level 2

potential uneven surfaces and moderate inclines

Private Tours

Boston By Foot private tours are perfect for family groups, school groups, corporate groups, university and alumni groups, people who wish to tour with their pets, and anyone looking for a more personalized tour experience.

This tour is not currently available as a private tour.

Starting Location

Meet your guide at 53 State Street, corner of State and Congress Streets

Finding Your Guide: All guides carry an 8×11 sign that says “Boston By Foot Walking Tours.”

Nearest MBTA Stop: State Street (Blue & Orange Lines)

“I had a great time exploring Boston on our private tour. At lunch we quizzed our dads on what we had learned. We sure knew a lot more than they did.”
— Boston, MA