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Mission, Vision, and Values


We inspire locals and visitors to discover and appreciate the diverse stories of Boston by exploring the cityscape together.


We envision a city whose residents and visitors have a deep understanding and appreciation of the city’s complex and diverse history, geography, and communities.


Appreciation for Boston

We work to create tours that help visitors and residents alike discover or deepen their appreciation for our multi-layered city.

On our tours we tell the whole, and sometimes challenging, truth about our city respectfully and inclusively. We celebrate Boston’s achievements and greatest moments, but we must also acknowledge more challenging parts of our City’s history.


We are lifelong learners; committed to sharing thoughtful storytelling through the exploration of our city’s past and present.

We are mindful of how others might feel while on our tours; we acknowledge that we have blind spots and biases and approach our tours with self-awareness and humility.


We seek to uncover untold stories, encourage new perspectives about the city of Boston, and ignite continued exploration.

We approach our tours thoughtfully, with self-reflection and flexibility; we think critically and are open to new information that might challenge our understanding of a story.


We are dedicated to rigorous and thorough research that creates meaningful, engaging, and entertaining experiences.

Our tours are relevant, rigorous and well balanced; they contain human stories that are framed to explain the context of time and perspective.