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Ruins after the great Boston fire

Murder, Mayhem and Martyrs

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Some Bostonians have behaved badly and bad things have happened to good people. This presentation describes murderers and their victims, execution and disaster, people killed for their faith and one who talked to the spirits. Meet the woman who lured Houdini to Boston, the Quaker hanged for her faith, the serial killer who terrified Boston and the duelist who died on Boston Common. We travel through time from 1688 to 1942, along the way meeting killers, grifters, gangsters, heroes, cops and grave robbers. Learn about duels, dastardly doings and the conflagration that changed America’s fire regulations. Take a shadowy walk with Boston By Foot through the City on a Hill’s less shining history. find out more
Boston Harbor with boats in docks

Boston in the 21st Century

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With urban life becoming more and more attractive to people of all ages, the population of Boston has consistently grown over the last fifteen years. After spending much of the 20th century in a free fall, losing residents faster than it could gain them, Boston reached its peak in the 1950s with around 165,000 more residents than it currently has today. However, it began to decline after that, and bottomed out in the 1980s. Since the 1980s, the population has begun to increase rapidly due to new residences and a construction boom in areas such as Seaport, the West End, Downtown Boston, Back Bay, Allston, East Boston and even on college campuses across the city. find out more