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Reinventing Boston

Discover how Boston’s urban landscape has changed as you uncover the clues left behind

Tour Description

Explore Boston through a different lens that reveals the cycles of invention and reinvention that have shaped the built environment and forged a dynamic contemporary city.

As we trace some of Boston’s earliest streets, we’ll also consider clues that were once above our heads and that still lie beneath our feet, which reveal a history of urban ambition that has meant moving hills and filling coves, managing water, and transporting people

Join us as we see how Boston has addressed the challenges of development and growth in the past and how its legacy for reinvention is being called on today to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Tour Information

tour duration

90 minutes

tour distance

1.3 miles

tour terrain level 1

mostly flat surfaces and little to no inclines

Public Tour Calendar

Private Tours

Boston By Foot private tours are perfect for family groups, school groups, corporate groups, university and alumni groups, people who wish to tour with their pets, and anyone looking for a more personalized tour experience.

Starting Location

Meet your guide at One Boston Place on the corner of Washington & Court Streets, across Washington Street from the Old State House.

Finding Your Guide: All guides carry an 8×11 sign that says “Boston By Foot Walking Tours.”

Nearest Accessible MBTA Station: State (Blue & Orange Lines)

Ending Location

This tour ends at the end of Long Wharf.

Nearest Accessible MBTA Station: Aquarium (Blue Line)

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