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Byron Street Carriage House Boston Beacon Hill

The Flat of Beacon Hill

Private Tours : Additional Tours by Request
90 minutes
1 mile
mostly flat surfaces and little to no inclines
This walking tour is inspired by Samuel Eliot Morison's childhood memoir One Boy's Boston . Discover Morison's neighborhood on this tour through one of Boston's least known and most delightful areas. The Flat of Beacon Hill is built on 19th century-made land along the Charles River. The Flat is geologically part of Back Bay and culturally part of Beacon Hill, with the architecture of both. This intimate patch of real estate soon acquired carriage houses and horse stables owned by the wealthy families living on Beacon Hill. Today, many of these edifices have been converted into charming residences and seamlessly blend among the notable landmarks such as the Charles Street Meeting House, the Church of the Advent, and the Sunflower Castle . What do Sam Mayday Malone, a private-eye named Spenser, and a Fox Terrier named Igloo have in common? They all know the Flat is where it's at! find out more
view of beacon hill from the charles river

Beacon Hill From Both Sides

Learn the history of both the North and South Slopes and why they became such separate neighborhoods.

Walking Tours : Monthly & Quarterly
90 minutes
1.5 miles
likely uneven surfaces and significant inclines
From the beginning, the presence of the North and South Slopes of Beacon Hill have each had an important effect on the history and development of the other. We will explore the many different people who lived here and contributed to the story of Beacon Hill, including the Native Massachusett people, Boston’s African American community, Gay and Lesbian community, and 19th century immigrant populations. We will see some of Boston’s handsomest nineteenth century houses, and hear about the fascinating lives of the people who lived in them. find out more
Star of David stained glass in Circular Window

Jewish Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Social History Series

Walking Tours : Monthly & Quarterly
90 minutes
0.75 mile
likely uneven surfaces and significant inclines
Journey to Beacon Hill’s North Slope at the turn of the 20th century. Explore the lives of its Jewish residents during a period of cultural and architectural change. Uncover how Boston’s Jewish immigrants created an active community that blended customs from Eastern Europe and changes to the new world around them. Discover sites where Boston’s Jewish West End residents worked, lived and worshiped, including the sites of three synagogues within a few blocks of each other. NEW! Special Two-Hour Jewish History Tour - Jewish Beacon Hill & The Vilna Shul Join us on any of the following Sundays in 2023 for a unique two-hour Jewish History program that includes both Boston By Foot's guided Jewish Beacon Hill tour and a guided tour of The Vilna Shul: June 11 July 9 August 13 September 10 October 1 November 12 This special Jewish History tour is open to all and is presented in collaboration with The Vilna Shul . Registration is limited to 20 people per guide. BBF members receive a $5 discount. find out more