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Boston’s Loyalists

Hear the stories of Bostonians who remained loyal to the British crown

reenactors of British loyalists in boston

Tour Description

“History is written by the victors” is an oft-quoted aphorism. Our Boston’s Loyalists tour tells the story of Boston’s role in the lead-up to the American War of Independence from the perspective of those who remained loyal to the British crown.

This unique tour will visit historic Boston landmarks like the Granary Burying Ground, King’s Chapel, Old South Meeting House and Marshall Street. Our guides will introduce you to Boston’s Loyalists, some whom are familiar, others lesser known. These include artist John Singleton Copley, Governor Thomas Hutchinson, the enterprising Elizabeth Murray, and the sharp-witted Rev. Dr. Mather Byles.

Perfect for those who want a deep-dive into Boston’s colonial history from a perspective apart from the typical Revolutionary War walking tour, Boston’s Loyalists will show you the Old Town from another point of view.

Tour Information

tour duration

90 minutes

tour distance

1.5 miles

tour terrain level 2

potential uneven surfaces and moderate inclines

Public Tour Calendar

Private Tours

This tour can be scheduled as a private tour with advance notice. Call 617.367.2345 or use our private tour webform to learn more.

Starting Location

Meeting Location: Meet your guide outside of the Park Street MBTA Station, near the head-houses at the corner of Park and Tremont Streets on Boston Common

Finding Your Guide: All guides carry an 8×11 sign that says “Boston By Foot Walking Tours.”

Nearest Accessible MBTA Station: Park Street (Green & Red Lines)

Ending Location

This tour ends in the general area of the Blackstone Block Historic District.

Nearest Accessible MBTA Station: Haymarket (Green & Orange Lines)