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Annual Awards Reception Recap

Just a few short weeks ago, dozens of Boston By Foot volunteers made their way to Education First’s gorgeous headquarters for our annual Awards Reception. During this evening of joy and festivities, we celebrated many well-deserving Boston By Foot volunteers, including those who gave twenty or more tours this season, retiring committee co-chairs, Flansburgh Travel Fellowship winners, distinguished friends, and a handful of guides who have served BBF for five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, thirty, and even thirty-five years!

Foot Pins:

The following people were awarded Foot Pins to honor their years as a BBF docent: Five-year pin recipients: Anne Marie Bracco, Kate Briggs, Mersine Florio, Beth Greenwood, Aline Kaplan, Betsy Kimball, Dennie McCarthy, Peter Micheli, Bob Perkins, David Phillips, Liz Ranelli, and Diana Vaughn; Ten-year pin recipients: Jim Boyd, Rebecca Brooks, Mary Margaret Griffin, Hue Holley, Matt List, and Dina Vargo; Fifteen-year pin recipients: Beverly Davis, Steve Kluskens, John Morrison, and Kathy Vorse; Twenty-year pin recipients: Sharon Fogarty and Heather Pence; Twenty-five-year pin recipients: Fran Lanouette; Thirty-year pin recipients: Margaret Bratschi, and Jan Engelman; Thirty-five-year pin recipient: Sally Ebeling.

Footly Fortitude:

The following Docents were acknowledged for giving 20 or more tours:

20 Tours: Rebecca Brooks, Beth Charney, Sally Ebeling, and Ronda Grodberg; 21 Tours: Jeff Doucette, Jan Engelman, Beth Greenwood, and Linda Poznauskis; 22 Tours: Terri Evans, Gene Moulton, Elisabeth Piquet, and Lauren Sterling; 23 Tours: Andrea Bonanno and Dayl Cohen; 24 Tours: Bob Malsberger; 25 Tours: Steve Loher, Aline Kaplan, Ron Tate, and Nancy White; 27 Tours: Neil Dugas and Michele Steinberg; 29 Tours: Sharon Fogarty; 32 Tours: Joni Youngwirth; 33 Tours: Dennis McCarthy; 38 Tours: Kurt Morris; 40 Tours: Steve Kluskens; 47 Tours: Tom Coppeto; 52 Tours: David Coviello; 54 Tours: Margaret Bratschi and Elizabeth DiCicco; 70 Tours: Gretchen Grozier; 72 Tours: Tom McNamara; 80 Tours: Laurel Perkins; 90 Tours: Tom Revay; 178 Tours: Bob Perkins!

Committee Co-chairs:

Six retiring co-chairs were recognized: Diana Vaughn, Volunteer Events Committee; Mike Bauer, Tours of the Month Committee; Dayl Cohen, Academic Affairs Committee; Nancy White, Continuing Education Committee; Rebecca Camerato and Lynn Smiledge, Publicity Committee

Flansburgh Traveling Fellowship Winners:

Three winners of the Flansburgh Traveling Fellowship were announced: Nancy Heywood who will travel to Dublin and Cork, Ireland; Lynda McNally who will travel to Bologna, Italy; and Laura Sitterley who will travel to Vienna, Austria.

Distinguished Friends Award:

Polly Carpenter was presented with Boston By Foot’s Distinguished Friend award for her dedicated work as clerk, Chair of the Development Committee, and the Flansburgh Fellowship Review Committee over the course of her nine-year tenure as a steadfast Trustee.

Distinguished Service Award:

The distinguished service award was presented to not one, but two incredible volunteers. Rebecca Brooks was recognized for her outstanding service as co-chair of the Publicity committee and her establishment of the greatly successful Concierge Team. Carl Kaplan was recognized for his insight and passion while serving as the first point of contact for those who are interested in becoming a Boston By Foot guide.

Docent Emeritus:

This year, we were also fortunate enough to introduce a brand new honor. As we begin our fifth decade leading tours throughout our city,

Boston By Foot has established a Docent Emeritus position to honor the contributions of longtime volunteers and enable them to continue a lifetime connection to the organization after they have decided to end their active involvement.

After 10 or more years of service, Docents may choose to become Docent Emeriti. They will receive lifetime Volunteer Membership benefits and the lasting title of Boston By Foot Docent Emeritus or Docent Emerita.

This year we were thrilled to recognize our inaugural cohort of Docent Emeriti.

Janell Fiarman, Class of 2004

Mary Klatt, Class of 2001

Linda Perlman, Class of 2001

Fred Paulsen, Class of 1997

Renee Miller, Class of 1992

We sincerely thank all of our newly inducted Docent Emeriti for their many years of service to Boston By Foot, and treasure our ongoing relationship. We also thank not just the award recipients listed above, but also every one of our wonderful volunteers. Their passion and love for Boston By Foot is beyond compare, and we’re so thankful to have such a strong and devoted community.