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Grave Undertakings

Boston's Burying Grounds

Gravestone reading Memento Mori

Tour Description

Explore three of downtown Boston's burying grounds and learn about the customs surrounding death and dying in Puritan New England. Dig deeper into the religious views, practices, symbolism, and traditions of death in Boston.

Beginning at King's Chapel Burying Ground, this tour will lift the veil of mystery surrounding gravestone art and how styles of gravestones changed over the years, how the poor were buried when there wasn’t room for a potter’s field, how the evolution of small, haphazardly laid out graveyards to modern-day suburban cemeteries was spearheaded in the Boston area.

Who knew death could be so much fun?

Private Tours

This tour can be scheduled as a private tour with advance notice. Call 617.367.2345 or use our private tour webform to learn more.

“Wow! Oh My! What a great tour of the Freedom Trail, best tour I ever had! Your guide was great. He was 5 star! He was the best! We would like to take him home with us to Atlanta to give us tours there! He was cheerful, spoke very well, and knew what he was talking about. All of us will always remember our great Boston By Foot tour. A great tour and a great guide! You are great people!”
— Atlanta, GA