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Boston By Foot News

2020 Trustees’ Matching Challenge

The Boston By Foot Board of Trustees' Matching Challenge has been a big part of the organization's annual fundraising efforts since it began in 2012. Thanks to the generosity of our Board members and volunteer community, the Matching Challenge has been a great success for the past eight years, and allows Boston By Foot to continue our mission of promoting Boston's history and architecture.

The 2020 Matching Challenge set a goal of $5,000 to be raised by the volunteers, with the Trustees matching every dollar. Our volunteers certainly rose to the occasion and not only met the $5,000 goal, but exceeded it. These donations are always incredibly meaningful to Boston By Foot, and are especially important in this very challenging year.

As a small educational nonprofit, these funds are both meaningful and necessary. They enable us to continue our educational mission and ensure we have the resources to support ongoing guide training, tour programming and operational needs.

Boston By Foot extends its sincerest gratitude to the volunteers who participated in the Matching Challenge, and to our entire volunteer community for giving their time every day and making Boston By Foot what it is.